WOUNDED SKIES – Metal Italia

There are never half measures: some cds last too long when they should be more appreciated with a shorter length and then there are those that end too soon and leave a bitter taste. I can’t do anything but to play Stormcrow’s “Wounded Skies” once again on my stereo. A short but good and intense demo.All the four tracks of this Italian black metal band are all winning, built on fast tempos and full of sharp riffs featured by very interesting ideas. Not that Stormcrow are melodic, but their black metal presents some swedish elements that make this release’s sound full-bodied and deadly, a real unstoppable hurricane. Commendable is the work of the highly inspired guitars so as per the rhytmic session and the singer’s shot. In this CD everything is in the right place, the feeling is pitch black and everything is studied in detail, to start with the valuable artwork.

The black flame’s devotion of Stormcrow is clear since their unconventional biographic note, much similar to a iconoclast manifesto than a musical release. The first song that capture the attention is the opener “Dark Promises (are Always Kept by Satan)”, but the last two songs are more mature and display a personal touch.

The band doesn’t look for innovative solutions, this is to be said, but engages in the black metal canvas with proficiency and skill and that’s enough… and more. Stormcrow’s name must be noted on the black notes of Italian Black Metal, but now we wait them on a more challenging work, on the full length, hoping that in the meantime someone will note them.

VOTE: 7,5

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