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Stormcrow is an Italian band from Milan born in 1997, with “Hell on Earth” demo-tape released in 2000; this before that, in 2003, they record this fantastic “Wounded Skies” with a new line-up reinforced by two furies as Loki and Narchost at the guitars.

After a long live activity that brought them to play with bands as Shining, Enthroned and Mortuary Drape, the Los Angeles label Dwell Records release their work in 2006. Excellent and very professional is the promo package composed by awesome artworks made by Narchost and all lyrics.

The album opens with “Keeping the Serpent’s Path”, an intro based on keyboards with a background of increasing crows croaking that explodes, in the next “Dark Promises (Are Always Kept by Satan)”, in an hurricane of evilness made of furious blast-beats and a very powerful but precise drumming. If the expressed violence is not enough yet, here comes the title track “Wounded Skies”, angry and even more aggressive.

A bass arpeggio opens the song that in my opinion is the best of the album, “Demons”: in this episode, Stormcrow show that Scandinavian isn’t the only land for this sounds and that also the Italic flame is able to erupt hate and violence. “Anathems from Our Martyr’s Graveland”, that closes this MCD, keeps the same high levels of the previous songs. This work is highly recommended to Swedish black metal fans but also for who wants to discover one of the best Italian black metal act.

Ave to the four crows of the storm. Buy or Die!

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