Disposition To Tyranny review on GiornaleMetal.blogspot

Dull and sinister intro, as the sensation that can be felt watching mountain peaks wrapped in fog and clouds. Then the ferocity beats down, black metal strikes, the hard ostentation of devastation comes into word and sound. Stormcrow are back and the vessel of that black animal is getting more and more dreadful and terrible. “Disposition to Tyranny” is their debut, the first album, despite the fact that the band has already released other works, and had been contacted for important live events.

Stormcrow’s black metal is extreme and in part similar to that of Dark Funeral and Enthroned and with them we face the drums steered furiously by Goraath (Malfeitor), while the guitars (Narchost, he too member of Malfeitor, and then Astaroth) paint sceneries, emotional tensions and an atmosphere covered with freezing melodies that are perceived from this infernal release. Continue reading