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Italian band Stormcrow makes a comeback on the metal scene with their new album “Disposition To Tyranny”, a high concentration of pure black metal. The two guitar players create a great alternation of captivating riffs. The bass player unleashes dark, scratching rhythms that are well suited to this musical style. The drummer is impeccable at playing at devastating speeds. The singer achieves a perfect alliance between screaming and growling.
Also the keyboard sounds in the “In Mediis Lupis” track become a perfect combination of atmospheres for a piece created in the name of darkness. The concept of “Disposition To Tyranny” is very elevated and deep, in fact the song “Steel Bleeding” stems from the book “Thus spoke Zarathustra” and from the idea of “eternal recurrence of the same” by Nietzsche. The main concepts behind this album are the marginalization of the idea of good vs. evil as well as the idea of a human will to cut out a small personal space and have a role in the universe. It’s a great piece of work from both the technical and the stylistic point of view, with excellent songwriting. “Disposition To Tyranny” has a very solid musical skeleton. Not to be missed for all the black metal fans out there.
Lara Calistri
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