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After being a real surprise in 2006 with “Wounded Skies” EP, Stormcrow finally return to record something new and precisely their debut full-length album. In the past, our local band showed a lot of class, violence combined with furious rhythms and a sharp but melodic style typical of scandinavian black metal, swedish particularly.

This new “Disposition to Tyranny” is an album almost flawless, on both the composition and the production. Everything is very professional and made ​​sure the band deserves the limelight. Maybe the six years ago EP represented a surprise because at that time the band came out from nowhere, while now their name spreads in the underground scene also thanks to their live activity.

Stormcrow’s sound doesn’t surely comes as new or “fresh”, rather than that, the band traces what already said in the past by the melodic black metal vein. But not for this the band looses of interest, rather, they show they can compete quits with some of the scandinavian black metal ‘masters’. And that’s not something worthless. With a less monolithic and more technical and articulated riffing, Stormcrow shall even follow the traces of an historical band as Naglfar. Hoping we don’t have to wait all that long for the next release that will decree, maybe in a terminal way, if Stormcrow will be able to make the quantum leap that we all wish them or if they’ll stay an excellent band but relegated, alas!, in the circumscribed world of the italian underground.

Minutes pass fast when a band doesn’t stop to press on the accelerator: black metal here is lethal, cutting, but supported by a really massive sound wall. Maybe the sound is too perfect, ‘clean’ and this perfection risks to squeeze a bit the thousand shades of the sound and make it flat. Excellent, instead, the choice to place in evidence the rhythmic session, even if the guitars would still have had to have a greater impact; great insight lies in the choice of giving the bass a very metallic sound that gives this instrument a key role in the success of the album. >Beautiful introduction that recalls both the Wongraven of Satyr, but then surely hell breaks loose.

Stormcrow know also create magical atmospheres as the passage of the acoustic song “… alle Alpi”, but it’s just a detour, then immediately back on the path tortured and bombed by the black metal. Exciting and engaging is the mood of the song “Tread On The Cross”, a symbol of the sound track of Stormcrow: violent, but controlled, supported by a constant and pounding double bass and a killer and calculated riffing.

Maybe in the future, the band will unleash the madness that only can be found in the most extreme black metal, in the meantime, let’s make compliments and enjoy the black poetrycontained in “Disposition To Tyranny”.


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