Now that Malfeitor are still (‘Incubus’ was released in 2009 and, as it seems, Fabban is actually working on new Aborym release), Narchost and Goraath, that here are respectively playing guitar and drums, can apply with the other three companions to the promotion of the new Stormcrow’s release.

As it seems ‘Disposition to Tyranny’ can be proud of cold sounds that sum up in fifty minutes with no turns and presenting the opener right after few minutes of the intro.

The adopted formula is one of the most ruthless as shown by, among many, ‘Kingdom of Vertical‘ and ‘Sacrifice to the Black Sun‘ that leave you breathless. Very good is the nervous and epic ‘Unborn‘ while just sufficient the instrumental ‘Misanthropic Inner Spheric Dimensions‘ that would best fit as a track where Stormcrow should have freely indulged with something more particular.

The record generally shows old school riffs arranged on the typical velocity/brutality cliché. Sometimes their tracks are bridged with intresting passages and ‘…Alle Alpi‘ is one of the proof, other than a tribute to what inspire them, of a not excessive technical sound that will reserve excellent surprises in the future.

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