Stormcrow on Piz Julier 3380 m

These photo gallery has been shot during the ascent to Piz Julier, impressive and austere mountain that, with its 3380 m, is one of the giants of Engadin Valley in Switzerland.

Seen from below Piz Julier seems to be inaccessible, while ascending the ridge instead unveils the magnificient path and leads to the main summit of the mountain, alternating aid sections and easy exposed climbs to some glimpses on the vertiginous North Wall and its suspended glacier.

From this point of view the overlook extends… Mount Disgrazia, Piz Bernina, the mountains of Grigioni, up to Austria…

The research continues…

New photo-album “Disposition To Tyranny” added to gallery page

This photo session has been taken into trenches of Monte Orsa, carved more than built on the border with Switzerland during the first world war to defense Italy from a possible breakthrough of the Austro-Hungaric troopes. The band photos have been taken into Cannon Emplacement n°1, one of six twin artificial caves carved by the hands of the troopers. Singular photos have been taken into the alcoves of one of the many Light Machine Gun emplacements that dominate the Lake Ceresio.

All pictures taken by Claudio Rampinini (